San Enrique Nº 387, Cerro Alegre, Valparaíso, Chile | +56229841442


A spacious heritage house with an unspoiled view, designed as somewhere for you to rest, experience and enjoy.

Perched on Cerro Alegre, its floors have been carefully restored, preserving the traces left by its former inhabitants. English, German and Italian immigrants, travelers, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, artists and even the ‘Daughters of St. Paul’ community of Paulist nuns all arrived in Valparaiso to stay, captivated by the non-stop buzz of the port and enamored by its hills, elevators and staircases.

Its large terrace on the top floor is a ‘watch point’ with a view of the entire Valparaiso Bay. You’ll be able to make out every boat that arrives, lose yourself in Cerro Alegre’s winding streets and look-outs and let your soul be lulled by the hypnotic sounds of the port.

All the comfort of a hotel with the charm of a building that was a family home for several generations.

CasaBlu Hotel seamlessly blends together the port’s heritage and cosmopolitan history, with modern and comfortable installations so you can enjoy the beauty and culture of this magnetic city - declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO - to the full.

Just like its carved wooden doors brought over especially from England at the beginning of the twentieth century, each area of the CasaBlu Hotel has been decorated with unique objects that reflect a family’s travels, interests and obsessions.

You’ll find colorful wall hangings from the Middle East; Latin American saints, angels and virgins; hundred-year-old Buddhas and modern furniture and works of art, creating a sensory environment rich in history, the avant-garde and the fusion of different elements.


Thirteen unique and modern yet historical rooms in a heritage house in Cerro Alegre for you to experience Valparaiso.

Each room is special because of its incredible views and carefully chosen furnishings. With their exceptionally high ceilings and spaciousness, each is perfect for contemplation and rest.


A unique hotel for you to enjoy Valparaiso from the inside out.